7ply Project


7Ply Project
October 1 - October 7 2017





In 1959 Larry Stevenson while being a professional surfer he introduced MAHAKA, the first patented skateboard!This was the birth of our sport and it is a mix of the preexisting roller skates and the kid’s classic scooter.Ever since the sport is on a route of unstoppable progress and the short history of it’s existence allows us to expect many more things to come in the evolution of tricks executed and the overall practice of this sport. Even though skateboarding progresses this fast sports wise, technically it is still this 7 layers of wood that keep the sport going because there is no other material that can imitate the feeling of this wood on wheels under our feet!

The 7Ply project started in the summer of 2005 a little after the birth of Propaganda rollin co. , the first skateboard brand established in Greece. The aim was the creation of an annual festival that will become a platform for creativity and innovation both in skateboarding and contemporary art. After a few months of applications and organising the first event took place in February 2006 in Thessaloniki-Greece. After the beginning the festival moved to Athens and this is where it became this big not only in terms of attendance but also because of the quality and freshness every year the organisation and the artists were presenting! Ever since the 7Ply project is going every year through the process of transformation and each time it comes with a different face, showcasing different aspects of our field and always maintaining the same feeling of unity and innovation!

Skateboard art is the whole idea of creation that derives from skateboarding or is addressed to it! There are many art forms that can apply to the process but the modification, transformation or redefinition of the object is what can define an artist as a skateboard artist. Skateboarding is all about d.i.y. culture and the handmade skateboards of the early years find their new hand made relatives made by those who seek the heritage in their lives and the ones that express themselves through creativity.

Since 2015 the 7Ply project exhibition is hosted at the Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki of the State Museum of Contemporary Art and the whole festival goes on for 10 days and side events and projects are hosted in different locations that are being announced separately. The CACT is located at Warehouse B1 next to the sea front of Dock A’ of the Thessaloniki Port Association also known as as Port of Thessaloniki. The 7Ply project is the redefining of the skateboard deck. The mission of each participating artist is to create a new art object out of a blank skateboard deck.
Reinvent, up cycle, reuse, redefine, express, reform! This is the only discipline, the use of the skateboard deck. No other boundaries are set and no rules or restrictions can limit the kind of creation that eventually each artist will present! This s exactly where the name of the festival comes from!
Create a project with this 7 plies of wood…